How to set up inpaths submission to top1000.anthologeek.net for INN 2.x

Inn 2.x comes with a statistics gathering program called ninpaths that can be used to aggregate statistics about all the hosts appearing in the Path: headers received by your system. If you send this off to the the system at top1000.anthologeek.net you can help with generating good public statistics on usenet article propagation.

The documentation talks about sending these stats once a month, which is not a good idea anymore - better to send stats every day. Besides that, the documentation is not really clear. So here is a simple howto.

Step by step instructions

Install the xs-sendinpaths script

Download the xs-sendinpaths script and install it in /usr/local/sbin/xs-sendinpaths. Chmod it to 755. If your news installation is not in /usr/local/news, edit the script and adjust the path on line #3.

Add an entry to your newsfeeds file for ninpaths

Add this to your newsfeeds file:

    #       inpaths for top1000
            /usr/local/news/bin/ninpaths -p -d /var/log/news/inpaths.%d
Replace /usr/local/news/bin with the path to the directory where your INN binaries are, and replace /var/log/news with the path to the directory where your news logfiles are.

Start inpaths logging with ctlinnd reload newsfeeds added-inpaths or by restarting innd.

Set up cron

Edit the crontab for the news system (usually with crontab -u news -e) and add this:

    # inpaths processing
    0	0   * * *   /usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd flush inpaths!
    5	0   * * *   /usr/local/sbin/xs-sendinpaths top1000@anthologeek.net
Again, adjust the /usr/local/news/bin if necessary.

You can add more addresses after top1000@anthologeek.net, seperated by spaces. I recommend you add your own email address to that and check in the morning if indeed a valid inpaths report got generated and sent out.

That's it! You're now participating in the top1000 project. Thanks!